Aerial Videography

Aerial videography is our new service that will be available from September 2014. Much of the flying will probably start next year due to weather conditions. 

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Video Production

We provide a bespoke service to suit your marketing needs. Our aim is to guide you to creating a successful, sharable video that guides you from across the web.

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Video editing

Are you looking for a video editor for your next video production project? We'd love the chance to quote & accept!  


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2D Animation

We're able to provide a 2D animation service that will represent your business with out filming even taking place.  


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Your Brand & 22,000 people!

AP Film & Music Productions are sponsoring the 2015 Mela by providing a three camera set up for the main stage which is transmitted to a live screen for the audience. We’re also providing the opportunity for businesses to advertise on a dedicated, giant, HD Telivision screen. 



What is the Mela?

The Mela festival takes place in Luton's Wardown Park each year. The last event saw 22,000 people attend, on a one day event. Next years 15th aniversary Mela festival will be held over two days, 1st & 2nd August 2015. We anticipate a much larger audience. 




How will your brand benefit? 

Your advert will be put on a scheduled cycle and played continuously throughout both days on a dedicated giant TV screen. Located beside the main stage, the 12 meter screen produces a sharp, bright, HD picture. Your advert will be clearly seen, up to four times per hour, by a captive audience. 




You can provide your own content.

You’re more than welcome to provide your own content. The advert should be prepared for TV. What this means is that the information on the video has to be within the ‘Title Safe’ area to prevent the risk of content disappearing off the screen. 




Or we can create content for you...

We are a video production company, and are able to create your advert for you. This comes under a typical bespoke service that we provide. Call 01234 798037 for more information about this service. 




How long should the advert be & what's the cost?

1) A 30 second advert will be scheduled up to 4 times per hour.

2) A one minue advert will be schedueled twice per hour.

3) A two minute advert will be scheduled once per hour.

The cost for the two days is £345.00 ex VAT 

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